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What Makes Us Better and Different

At Testa Associates, we take your financial future and our relationship with you seriously.

Our process includes two initial, complimentary consultations. The first is a stress-free meeting in which you get to know us, and we get to know you and learn about your financial goals and priorities. The second consultation is for us to share with you the strategies and options we recommend, based on the practicality of the numbers and the financial goals and priorities you shared with us previously. We never prescribe a generic plan. We educate and inform you on the various financial concepts behind financial management including investing, retirement, estate planning, insurance, and wealth management, so you can take a proactive part in your financial plan. It is at the end of this second consultation that you decide if we’ve understood your long-term goals and are a good fit.

Throughout the relationship, we will meet with you regularly, to review the strength of your portfolio to ensure that the plan continues to meet your goals, before and after you retire. We will meet with you as your priorities perhaps change, considering how the development of your financial plan will be affected, and recommend changes accordingly.

It is this practical view of the numbers and guiding approach that we excel at, which clients have become accustomed to, inspiring mutual trust and commitment. It is what makes Testa Associates better and different from many other financial planning firms.

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